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Mexico Gamaliet Rios Ortiz

Mexico Gamaliet Rios Ortiz

Gamaliel Rios Ortiz is a producer in Mexico, the southeastern state of Chiapas, bordering Guatemala.  This area produces more coffee than any other state in Mexico but also produces some of Mexico's most respected coffees, certainly some of the brightest and most intense.  We find this true with Gamaliel's clean bright and super flavorful coffee beans.  If you love sun descriptive coffee, this is your cup.  We found a vibrant mouthfeel, sweet honey, cherry, plum and raspberry.  Chockful of flavors that bounce and land balanced on the palate.    


TASTING NOTES:   Honey, Cherry, Plum, Raspberry :: Medium Acidity, Medium Body

Country :  Mexico, Chiapas--La Concordia

Owner: Gamaliel Rios Ortiz

Varietal :  Typica, Bourbon

Process : Natural

Altitude : 1400 masl

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