Where do we roast?

We roast in Downtown Los Angeles weekly to supply our Culver City coffee shop and fulfill online orders.

What Coffees do you Offer, and where do you Source your green coffee?

Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, El Salvador, Indonesia, Brazil, Rwanda, and Burundi are some of the countries we currently source from. Because coffee is a nature-farmed product, it is seasonal. Therefore, our offerings are based on those coffees that are in season and available. We travel the world in search of the tastiest coffees and also buy award-winning coffees at auctions.

What Kind of Roast do you offer?

We roast our coffees with the intention of finding the balance of sweetness, acidity, and flavor. We only source coffees we believe have a good balance; therefore, our roasting will differ slightly only to produce a good, clean, and flavorful cup. Most of our coffees are a medium roast, and a few single-origin coffees are light roasts. Our house blend is generally our darkest roast but can still be considered a medium roast. This is what we consistently use at the coffee shop as our espresso blend. Our descriptions of the coffee are better indicators of what each coffee tastes and feels like.

What is the difference between a blend and a single-origin coffee?

From our many trips to origin, we have found that blending is a typical practice at farms or milling stations. This is typical in an attempt to create better bean offerings to buyers. Farmers will blend from different tree varietals, and once the coffee is dried and shipped to the mill, the mill may find a way to blend several farmers' yields for a better cup or in an effort to have a bigger bag offering to buyers. In this case, single-origin is taking on a different meaning. It can come from a single farm OR a single region, and both would be considered single-origin. When we label a blend at MillCross, this simply means we found 2 or 3 different single-origin beans that work well together to create a cup we love, as we are ALWAYS in search of that perfectly balanced cup.

How long will the coffee last?

We are always surprised by how good fresh coffee that is light or medium roasted to keep the sweetness, acidity, and flavors intact will last longer than coffee that is not fresh during the roast. Coffee can last three months and longer if stored properly. Always keep it sealed at room temperature. However, there are some currently loving the idea of freezing your coffee for even longer shelf life. We say experiment, and know that our coffee is delivered with quality of freshness every time.

Where do you ship? And how much does shipping cost?

We ship anywhere in the United States and soon internationally. If you join our coffee club, shipping is free. All orders above $50, shipping is free. All other orders are based on FedEx shipping fees.

Can I order a gift subscription for a friend?

Absolutely, you can choose a one-time gift or 3-month subscription for your friend. Plus, we will send a note with your words of celebration.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We ship every Monday; therefore, expect your order by the end of the week on Friday. If you have joined the coffee club, we ship once a month, and that will depend on when you began your subscription. You can always adjust the time of the month of delivery or add more coffee bags by emailing us at orders@millcrosscoffee.com.

How can I cancel my Coffee Club Subscription?

Easy, just reach out to us at order@millcrosscoffee.com. Please state your full name and address where shipments are made


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