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Costa Rica Seylin Jimenzez

Costa Rica Seylin Jimenzez

Seylin Jimenez is a female producer working in hills of Costa Rica. The coffee she produces is pure green gold -- clean and flavors of ripe fruits.  You'll feel like you are biting into end of summer all year long.   

Seylin, her husband Alberto, and their children work together at the family in Tarrazu which has been in the family for many years. In the past, they have struggled while delivering their coffee to large mills and multinational companies. A few years ago, they began to pick the best of their harvest and dry them on the beds near their home in San Carlos and process them at their wet mill with the hopes of improving quality and sustainability. La Loma is their farm overlooking the Pirris River Dam. At 1500 - 1600 meters above sea level, this well-shaded plantation is thriving.  

TASTING NOTES:  Blueberry Pie, Dark Chocolate covered Cherries,  :: Medium Body with high sweetness, lower acidity. 

Producer :  Seylin Jimenez

Varietal :  Catuai 

Process:  Natural 

Altitude :  1600 msl

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