Valentine’s day tasting menu

amuse // mu ssam 무쌈

bell peppers, cucumber, radish sprout, pickled radish, blanched chive

1st course // jook 죽

rice, mung bean sprout, kimchi, gim, puffed barley, anchovy dashi, tomato and mushroom jjangachi

2nd course // soy cured salmon 연어장

fortified soy sauce, salmon, ikura, masago, seasoned rice, soy pickled onions, gim, radish sprout, cured quail yolk

3rd course // cabbage dumpling 배추만두

pork and shrimp filling, beef radish broth, napa cabbage, braised radish, fermented chili oil

4th course // galbi 갈비

soy braised short rib, ssam, garlic, jalapeño, radish kimchi, fiddlehead, spinach muchim, ssamjang

5th course // bingsoo 빙수

milk ice, condensed milk, blood orange, lime mint cheong, vanilla oat strussel, mint


5-course menu for $75 or add on Sool pairing
(serving imported soju & makgeoli) for $45 🍶
Choose the 5:30 or 7:30 seating time.

*We are fully booked. If you want to be add your name to the waitlist, email
If something opens up we will connect via email.

$75 per person

add on Sool pairing
(serving imported soju & makgeolli) for $45 🍶

limited seating: choose the 5:30 or 7:30 seating time.

(gratuity not included)

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