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Exploring the Coffee Farms of Colombia: Field Notes from September 2023

In September 2023, our journey through the coffee-rich landscapes of Colombia began, and the experience has been nothing short of incredible. With our passports stamped and excitement in the air, Diego and I met Juan Carlo and Camilla at the  Bogotá Airport. Waiting to greet us was Ana María, a seasoned Q grader, ready to guide us through the intricate world of Colombian coffee.

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Our Colombian coffee adventure truly began when we met with Lohas Coffee in Bogotá. Lohas, a prominent coffee exporter, has its offices here and serves as a vital link between Colombian coffee producers and coffee lovers around the world.

September 10th, 2023 - Pitalito Awaits

After a scenic journey, we arrived in Pitalito, a coffee-centric town in Colombia known for its breathtaking coffee farms and welcoming locals.

Exploring Diviso Coffee Farm

Our first farm visit was to Diviso Coffee, where Nestor, a passionate coffee farmer, welcomed us with open arms. At Diviso, we also had the pleasure of meeting Johan and Cristina from Las Flores.

Diviso Coffee Farm

Diviso Coffee Farm Colombia

Zarza Coffee: A Family Legacy

The next stop on our journey introduced us to Jonathan and Alejandra, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo. Alongside them were Johan Gasca and his wife, Sylvia, representing the 4th generation of coffee farmers at Zarza Coffee. The generational handover from father and uncle, Lorenzo Gasca, to the two brothers was a remarkable sight to witness.

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A Buzz About Bees

On Diviso Coffee Farm, we discovered another dimension of sustainable agriculture. In addition to coffee, they cultivate bee honey on the farm. The farm's caretakers are deeply passionate about bee agriculture, not for profit, but solely for the health of their coffee plants. They understand the importance of pollination, and their dedication to beekeeping is visible in the size of their coffee cherries.

As we observed the thriving coffee plants and the vibrant cherries, it was evident that the bees played a crucial role in enhancing the coffee's quality.

Our journey through the Colombian coffee farms had just begun, and we were already witnessing the dedication, tradition, and innovation that make Colombian coffee truly exceptional. Stay tuned for more updates from our adventure into the heart of Colombian coffee culture.

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